Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordle is another site I'm hoping to utilize at my new school library position. Some suggestions I've read about include using a Wordle as Dewey signage, a poster for a book promotion, introducing a poem or story to students, students and teacher perceptions about the library, etc.
I tend to get tongue-tied when I speak, so hopefully this blog will enable me to share my voice succinctly.

I guess I like Voki for that reason. Using the text-to-type feature allows me to share (now I just need something engaging to relate).

Since I haven't actually started working in my school library yet, some of my ideas may never pan out. For instance, will I be able to introduce Voki to the students and teachers? I'll have to wait and see. In the mean time, I continue to do my own research into new technologies. Maybe I'll get to....

Many Blogs

I'm on Thing Two of cpd23 and these are three blogs/sites that I enjoy reading.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beginning the Journey

In two months, I will begin my new position as a Library Tech! Having always loved books and reading, I now have the awesome opportunity to use my skills in an physical library setting. I'm sure there will be a steep learning curve, but I feel ready for the challenge.

I've been doing my own research about libraries and the challenges they face to help prepare myself for my new job. I suppose it's good in a way to be unaware about how much I don't know. Otherwise, I'd probably be overwhelmed! I hope my enthusiasm propels me forward when the first scratching of my head in ignorance occurs.

Looking forward-it's going to be fabulous.